Manufactures and distributors of Fresh & Salted Flake Ice

Known as one of the top ice makers in the region, we always go the extra mile for each client. Here at Klassic we manufacture and distribute food grade fresh Ice in 3kg bags and longer lasting, cooler Salt Ice in 5kg and 10kg bags - perfect for your chilli bin.  To view our National Programme Certificate - click here.

We offer freezer rental options for storing our Ice and Bait as well as Chiller Trailer Hire for keeping your ice cool during weekend or overnight events.

Premium Fish Bait supply & delivery 

Our mission is to provide recreational and professional fishermen throughout New Zealand with a wide variety of highest quality fish baits.

We have a trained staff that possesses exceptional levels of customer service and commitment to your satisfaction. There's a very good reason why the majority of bait and tackle stores throughout Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Coromandel and East Coast prefer to stock out fish bait products. 

Great Selection of Fish Bait products for different needs

Klassic is committed to meeting your needs. Our comprehensive bait menu includes:

  • Anchovies, Ballyhoo, Bonito, Mackerel;
  • Mullet, Pilchards, Piper, Samna, Baby Squid, Trevally;
  • Vacuum-packed Bonito, Mullet, Mackerel;
  • A wide variety of different types and sizes of Berley;
  • Mussel, Kina, Salmon, Pilchard and Bonito.

A Range of supply and service options

Klassic offers a range of options for Bait and Ice delivery and supply. They include:

  • Monthly Freezer Hireage;
  • Chiller Trailer Hireage;
  • Online ordering;
  • Weekly deliveries to BOP, Waikato, Coromandel and East Coast;
  • Onsite store stocking our full range of baits and ice;
  • Phone orders; and
  • Free delivery

We supply supermarkets, petrol stations, liquor stores, holiday parks, camping grounds and dairy’s around the BOP, Waikato, Coromandel and East Coast.